For Everybody

Growing and dancing with people of all age groups, young and not so young, people with disabilities, under privileged and introverts; my faith in humanity and dance grew million bounds.  I believe, Dance is for everyone – far beyond typical perception that a dancer must be someone of a particular age, with a certain type of body, and/or uniform style of movement.

Dance knows no bars. If you will, you can dance.

With or without disabilities: We encourage people of all age groups, with or without disabilities to dance and make their lives worth living. We believe, that people with disabilities are just as productive as people without disabilities, in all aspects of life, not just dance. Ergo, we help them realize their own capabilities and endless possibilities.

Young and Not so Young: Parents should introduce their kids to dance at an early age. This will not only build their social skills but will also help them get an opportunity to learn a new hobby, make new friends and improve their personality.

Introverts and Extroverts: Many people love to dance but don’t come forward because they are shy or introverts. They prefer to dance only when no one is watching. We, at “Live to Dance” encourage such students to come forward and dance like no one is watching.

Busy Professionals: For those professionals who constantly work and have a monotonous life, dance can add real fun and frolic to their fixed routine. Dance is an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate.

Dance increases brain activity and activates memory through the use of choreography. Ultimately, a combination of music, rhythm and moves makes dance a transforming experience for the mind, body and spirit.

Dance allows people more control over their body movements, more than any other traditional form of exercise, sport or physical activity.

Dance is the most beautiful expression of human body.


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