Don’t walk, Dance

10 May 2011, when we first started Live2Dance, we couldn’t have dreamt of heights it has reached today. 3 years later, we witness multiplied laughter, stronger friendships, gallons of sweat, endless celebrations, performances, gatherings, and much more. After performing all over the city at various occasions; charity events, community fests, fund raisers, picnics, or merely celebration of life; we have managed to conquer many hearts and won million smiles.


We at Live2Dance believe that out of all the splendid forms of art, the one that expresses beautifully through the use of human body, is dance. And we choose to dance our way to happiness.

We have a plethora of dance styles for both young and not so young 🙂 . Where, our Bollywood, Bhangra and Hip Hop styles are aimed at enhancing stamina, physical fitness and crisp body movements; our Indo Jazz, Indian contemporary and salsa styles emphasizes on de stress, personal growth and sharp body postures.


It’s impossible not to laugh, smile and exult with joy as you do the shimmy, hop, shake, pop, pulse and play bollywood style with us. All in all, our dance styles are aimed at fun filled dance routines leading to personal growth!!!


Come join us and soon you will find yourself flaunting your new dancing talent.

WARNING! It’s hard to stop 🙂

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